PRIME Projects

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Social Marketing

PRIME Projects has a division dedicated to the management of the main social platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+) and operates through monitoring and targeted actions.


Social marketing on Facebook is one of the major social business strategies now applied by most companies: both the famous brands and the SMEs are, nowadays, almost all present on the famous social network, precisely because they are aware of the value added that social conversation allows them to get in terms of brand engagement.


The tools available for Twitter make it possible to monitor the social network to respond in real time to those who share a post related to your business. For example, if you rent bicycles in Florence, you could set your search for "bike?" To "Florence", in this way you can contact potential customers in real time.


Why is it important for a company to have a business page on the Google Plus social network? Simple, because in Seo terms, this offers a service optimized for your organic positioning on the Google search engine. Basically, choosing Google+ means playing at home! Google+ is the official social network of Google and, in terms of image return, offers companies very interesting advantages.

App Development

The applications are numerous, but this market is constantly developing. The relationship between customers and entrepreneurs completely changes. Applications for customer support constantly inform you of all the methods of use on the products or services offered. Sales applications help with business management and information is increasingly immediate. Apart from the usefulness in communication, an application can make a very effective presentation of its company by strengthening its brand. Moreover, for all those who have different needs and requirements, there is the possibility of creating customized applications.

E-Commerce solutions

Using a CMS brings a clear advantage in terms of development and resolution of any critical issues. Developing sites through CMS allows to offer the final customer: maximum security, certified software, simplified catalog management, product comparisons and reviews, embedded marketing and SEO tools, responsive and user-friendly back-office.